I have used the Jeopardy template from
the "SuperTeacherTools" website, so the links will
direct you to this site.
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       Just in case you have any difficulty playing the game, here are step-by-step instructions: 
     (1) Click on the link for any of the different Jeoprady games.
     (2) Close out of any pop-up ad that may come up.
     (3) Choose “1” for number of teams if playing alone; or up to 5 players.
     (4) Click on “Go Play”
     (5) The familiar Jeopardy board will appear.  Click on the point amount under your chosen category.
     (6) Click on the red arrow labeled “Answer” when you guess the answer (or give up!)
     (7) Click on “Adjust score” and click on “Team #” correct if that team was right. 
     (8) Then cllick on"Home” to get back to the board. If you didn’t guess an answer, go straight to “Home”.
     (9)   Repeat steps 5-8, until you do the whole board.
     (10) Click on Final Jeopardy.  Answer and adjust the scores.