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Welcome to PsychJeopardy!  Test your knowledge of Psychology in classic Jeopardy fashion.  Just like the TV game show, some of the questions/answers will be basic, or more advanced, and some will be trivia.  Word play will also be involved.  Each of the games will have a theme for the categories, so click on "GAMES" on the left (organized now by date of creation) to get started and have fun!  
Great for GRE review or Psych Club events!
Note to intro psychology students: As stated above,some of these questions will be more advanced and not something you may cover in intro psych.  But that's OK!! What I hope is that you will learn more about psychology even when you don't know the right answer. For example, you may not know that "psychology of religion" exists, but by doing the "Ben Stiller" game below, your interest in this area might be piqued, and you can explore this topic on your own more fully.  So, again, HAVE FUN!!!
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3D Brain image courtesy of Elizabeth Trimber.